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Trends Unpacked: Organizational Challenges and Learning Analytics (Part 4)

Lindsay Pineda, Senior Implementation Consultant, Unicon, Inc.
Patrick Lynch, Teaching Enhancement Adviser, University of Hull

What organizational challenges have you identified at your institution in regards to implementing learning analytics? Do you wonder if they are they similar to those of other institutions? Do you worry that you are alone in facing those challenges? We are here to assure you that, not only are you not alone, but that those challenges can be overcome.


Trends Unpacked: Technical Challenges and Learning Analytics (Part 3)

Lindsay Pineda, Senior Implementation Consultant, Unicon, Inc.
Amanda Mason, Senior Business Analyst, Unicon, Inc. 

How are you approaching a learning analytics implementation at your institution? Is the impression that it is mostly a technical implementation? Or is it mostly an organizational/cultural one? As we discuss in this installment of the “Trends Unpacked” series, it is actually both and it is important that your institution believes this as well.  


Trends Unpacked: Four Things Senior Leaders Need to Know About Their Role in a Learning Analytics Initiative (Part 2)

One of the most common questions I get during onsite readiness assessment visits is, “What can I do, as a leader, to support learning analytics across my institution?” While working with varying institutions, I observed several key ways in which senior leaders such as Deans, Department Heads, and Provosts can support the progress of a learning analytics initiative.


Academic vs. Administrative Computing: Bridging the Gap - Article #1: Separate Evolution of Two Systems


Separate Evolution of Two Systems

There's always been a disconnect between the two sides of campus computing: Academic and Administrative. Given the future needs of institutions, this gap will cause increasing difficulties as learning and records management become more intertwined.


Learning Analytics Adoption and Implementation Trends

Identifying Organizational and Technical Patterns

Key Takeaways

• What are the top learning analytics challenges among institutions in the UK?

• What organizational and technical considerations need to be addressed to pave the way for a successful learning analytics initiative?

• When it comes to learning analytics, are institutions ready?