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Learning Analytics

A Focus on the Student Learning Experience

Optimizing learning environments to focus on how students learn and how instructors teach is a central goal of achieving student success through learning analytics. Unicon’s approach to learning analytics can expose student behaviors that can lead to conclusions which impact student success. 

Learning analytics can also identify at-risk students, based on student activity, outcomes, and demographics. Armed with the right information, instructors and advisors can focus their efforts on the students who need help the most, and can design effective interventions based on student needs.

Unicon’s approach leads clients from vision through delivery of a student success program using open source, proprietary, and/or custom learning analytics technologies. Unicon’s IT experts provide services for each stage of the learning analytics cycle: assessment, planning, implementation, analysis, and improvement.

Services for Learning Analytics
The following services are offered by Unicon for an institution’s learning analytics environment, whether an institution is just getting started or already has some technology components of a learning analytics environment in place.

  • LA Quick Start
  • Implementation Planning Services
    • Readiness Assessment
    • Roadmap Planning
  • Data Model Validation
  • Data Assembly/ Preparation Support
  • Process and Communication Planning 
  • Infrastructure Implementation
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Systems Integration
    • Standards-based Data Integration
  • Scalability and Performance Testing
  • Intervention Management

Systems Integration and Data Integration
When an institution is ready to implement the learning analytics infrastructure, Unicon offers systems integration and data integration services. Systems integration services connect applications in the learning analytics environment. Data integration services combine data that resides in various unrelated applications. Unicon can integrate one application with another, or provide integration services to holistically connect all applications in a learning analytics environment. Learn more about Unicon's systems integration and data integration services.

Need Help Getting Started with Learning Analytics? Meet LA Quick Start
Unicon's LA Quick Start service is a foundation that can be built upon for a full-scale analytics solution, based on open source components. It can be used to get conversations started across various groups on campus. In addition to the technology, Unicon bundles consulting hours with this service to help with analytics readiness assessment or roadmap development. Learn more about LA Quick Start.

View the webinar, "Learning Analytics: Where to Start?" to discover how to get started with learning analytics.

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