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Mobile Computing for the Enterprise

Building a mobile enterprise is a complex undertaking. Unicon has experience in helping clients develop a strategy for mobile computing. In addition to using open source solutions, Unicon can start from scratch to build tools that can run everywhere, including in offline mode. The company has expertise in building both native apps and mobile websites.

Mobile computing serves each industry a little differently. In higher education, mobile computing connects students, faculty, and staff to academic and social environments. In the corporate world, internal mobile applications can connect employees to each other and to valuable resources such as human resources information. Externally, a corporation's mobile application can turn prospects into customers, and service existing customers.

Custom Applications

Unicon can build native apps and mobile websites from scratch that can run on tablets and smartphones. Native apps are developed for specific devices/operating systems and can take advantage of the device's core functions (such as camera or GPS). Mobile websites deliver browser-based apps that are optimized for use on mobile devices across all operating systems.

Using Responsive Design, Unicon can develop applications that can scale for optimal viewing experience that includes tablets and smartphones. Responsive Design allows for a great user experience. Unicon's user experience experts can get clients started in creating user-friendly mobile websites for constituents. 

The decision to use either a native app or a mobile website depends on the objectives the organization or institution is trying to accomplish. For example, an institution may want to use a native app to provide features like directions to campus locations. A business may use a mobile website to expand their reach in a cost-effective way.

Unicon can develop native apps with technologies including Appcelerator Titanium™ and PhoneGap™. Mobile websites incorporate HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Open Source Mobile Solution for the Enterprise

uPortal - uPortal, the only enterprise portal built by and for higher education, offers a mobile experience in either native or browser-based apps. uPortal also features Responsive Design.